Festive Everyday Meals

After a lengthy hiatus, I am pleased to finally have a moment to put up a post.

Incredibly the first month of 2013 is racing to an end and I thought it would be great to look back at some of my escapades in my Flab over the Christmas Holidays.

I prepared very simple everyday meals using basic ingredients but gave them a festive twist. My husband loved them and so did my son. It was always so heart warming to watch my little boy lunge at the dishes :); at least now I know that he likes my cooking….

Pictures, they say, speak a thousand words, so feast your eyes and feed your imagination.

I’ll be happy to share any of the recipes with you so please feel free to contact me.

In the words of Alton Brown, “I bid you good eats” 🙂


Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast


Prepping the bird


All ready for the oven


I made this using a recipe from Ina Garten


The peppers are stuffed with fried rice. An interesting plating alternative


Christmas Spread


All ready to tuck in!!


Let’s plate up!!


First helpings…..there were seconds!


Forget Eaton Mess check out this messy dessert!!


Now this is an egg sandwich with some serious attitude!!


Another messy delight!


Hello 2013! The first meal of the year




New Year Lunch


Carrot Cake with a tangy twist

Burger Mania

Burger Mania


Ready to dig in

Ready to dig in


26 thoughts on “Festive Everyday Meals

  1. As usual, you never cease to amaze me with ypur creativity in the kitchen. How you take time out of ur hectic pace of life to prepare these delights I’ll never know or understand. I particularly love seeing my jason bond fixated on the plate of food.

    Kindly send me the recipe for your carrot cake.


    • My dearest Miss Money Penny! Your Jason Bond proceeded to adopt a more unbondlike attack on the plate which although I have captured on camera, I have opted not to publicise….lol!!

      Thank you for your generous comments. The truth is that I love food and I love to cook. So sometime, I just dig deep and put things together. It was important for me to make the past Christmas a little special for our little Bond because I want him to look back on his first Christmas with fondness….

      I’ll send the carrot cake recipe to you via email.

      Thanks for stopping by! Xoxo

    • I’m loving the look if the carrot cake and the idea of icing it in a cake dish cos the cream cheese icing is often runny! Thanks for that tip!

    • Hi Robbie! Nice to see your digital foot prints on the blog 🙂 These meals are dead easy to make. So let’s definitely give them a go!

  2. If the meals were a girl and I were a ‘boy’ I’ll be getting her number right now! I’ll get the next best thing…..ALL the recipies :-). Well done my dear! Certainly a mouth watering spread; thanks for sharing

  3. Wow!! Beautiful!!!…I’m seriously salivating mehnn!!!…. Nicely done Nkem…I would love to know the recipe for the carrot cake though ;;) 😀

  4. Lovely sight to behold. I am salivating seriously…:D…could you kindly give me the recipe for your carrot cake and the method for preparing that bird pls? Thank you.

  5. so i need lessons!!! and i am sure a legion of women will say the same (well i am Mrs. stir fry that’s all i can really do ) sooooo put me /us out of our misery so we can say we can cook too!!! amazing creations….I WANT:-)

    • Hi Chidima! Thanks for stopping by. I’d be more than happy to show one kitchen tricks and tips. When are you available?

  6. Okay soooo the rice on the ‘pepper plates’……and the array…Im kinda tilting my PC so hubby doesn’t get a look and start getting ideas…love love love all the dishes…looking good girl!cant wait to see you….plenty brain picking….meanwhile…everything looks sooo delish! Literally eating off my IPad!

    • Lmao!! If hubby spots them, fear not. They are super easy to make! Can’t wait to have you guys over to lunch….😄

  7. but you keep saying theyre ‘easy’ recipes! why dont i believe you? that chicken looks moist and delicious and the rice in the peppers? gosh woman! you make us look bad. shame on you! how do you even live with yourself knowing how unchristian youre being? :p

    well done! 7 thumbs up (i stole the other 5 from colleagues at work)

    • Oh my! Lol! Onyinye! You are hilarious! The meals reveal trust me! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find the blog useful as you try out the recipes! Glad you’re going to add roasted peppers to your stew it real adds an oomph!

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