About FFF

The ethos that underpins food fashion fusion (FFF) is making every day food an extraordinary experience.

We achieve this by presenting our meals uniquely and using fresh produce and good quality ingredients to prepare them. Our meals are also relatable as we incorporate a lot of locally grown produce into our recipes.

In bringing delicious foods to our clients we experiment with various flavours and textures in our food lab yielding surprising delights.

FFF’s Baked  Good’s Menu

FFF’s catering services

2 thoughts on “About FFF

  1. Hello Nkem,
    Just watched your presentation on “Healthy food for Diabetic Patients” on one of the TVC Programs “Our View”

    I wanted to find out if you do trainings on food preparations. (How to prepare Healthy foods)?.

    • Thanks Chioma😃. I offer short trainings for teens over the long vacation. However the blog has tonnes of recipes that I am sure you will enjoy trying out. Thank you so much for reaching out

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